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What Is New With The iPad 2?

The iPad 2 has been in the news, so many of us know that it is out. There is invariably a lot of hype when it comes to Apple products. Apple fans could be the cause of this or is it actually that their releases are so good? From an unprejudiced stand, I believe it is a combination of these. A year separates the launch dates of the iPad and now the iPad 2. Thus, if you purchased the initial model, I will now offer my opinion on if you should consider changing to the iPad 2.

The first thing to notice with the iPad 2 is the reduction in in terms of size. It is nice to see that the iPad 2 is thinner, to the tune of one third compared to the first iPad, and that the size of the screen remains the same. The iPad 2 is also weighs less, tipping the scale at just a little more than 600g. Not heavy at all. If you take in your hands the iPad and the new iPad 2, the alteration in design can be felt. Don't think a skinnier and less heavy design means the function is affected, because boy oh boy would you be incorrect...

In comparison to the first model, the iPad 2 is faster. For the latest iPad, the performance of the graphics is announced to be nine times as fast according to Apple. If that is right, it is a big leap forward. The reason for this advancement is for demanding games and the camera, which we'll come onto soon. The processor is also much quicker, as Apple have gone on from the old A4 chip to an A5 chip. The latest iPad's A5 dual core processor is what makes it quicker than the first model. I certainly noted it was zippier, even with a lot of programs working in the background. If I use the various media on the original and then the new iPad, the improved load speed time is noticeable.

The launch of the iPad 2 has as well caused the inclusion of two cameras. One is on the front and the other is on the back. This is a significant move as the initial iPad had no camera at all and this may be important to you. A somewhat better capability of one of the cameras is the ability to photograph in 720p HD. FaceTime and PhotoBooth are a couple of new additions to the iPad which allow you to make video calls and snap great pictures, respectively. With FaceTime, the front camera allows your calling partner to see you and the back camera lets your partner see what you can see, on the back side of the iPad.

If you have money and desire the new quicker processing times then changing from the first iPad to iPad 2 probably makes sense. Whilst the upgrades are an improvement, it's nothing groundbreaking, apart from maybe the camera which is a brand new inclusion.

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